Analyzing and Identifying Turkey in the Concept of Brain Drain Turkey at a Glance

  • 3.5.2021

Analyzing and Identifying Turkey in the Concept of Brain Drain Turkey at a Glance

Brain drain is a major issue particularly for developing and underdeveloped countries aiming to have a steady system in various fields like politics, rule of law, economy and education which will open a path to create the sustainable development and stability. It refers to the emigration of well educated, highly trained, qualified and talented people usually from their homeland to another country. The countries having this problem face a vicious cycle that is always on the side of developed countries. Actually that is one of the main pillar makes the powerful and modern countries what they are.

Turkey is one of the countries facing brain drain problem. Willingness to work abroad rises above average differing from specific groups of society and depending on various clusters. Some special parameters -like career development, job security, collaboration, work being appreciated- are used to identify a country’s level of development, brain drain scale, incoming talent and outbound mobility. According to “The Network Proprietary Web Survey and Analysis”, Turkey has a deteriorating position in the fields of leadership opportunities, creative and innovative environment and job security. The facts reflected according to the analyses, these fields listed above are the main reasons laying the base of brain drain.

Above %50 of the Turkish educated and talented workforce wants to move to USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France, Australia, Spain. And the talented and highly educated workforce in Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco and Indonesia wants to move to Turkey. In the result, it is probably call Turkey as a linking and transit country on brain drain point as its geographical location.

However, the rising rate of the tendency and willingness to move abroad of highly educated workforce means obviously that rule of law, education system and political stability draw a graph inversely proportional.