The partner of Nicholson International Ms. Burcu Küçükcumalı was hosted as a full day guest in “CO-OP Business Point”

  • 5.5.2021

Having a qualified career is the main motivation for most of the university students striving for investing in their own improvement, capability and educational background. Besides the students’ individual effort, there are other requirements and factors affecting the career journey. The most important one of them is the career consultancy. It plays an important role in enlightening the career path of university students by filling the gaps between theory and practice, especially in the context of business world and university education.

Being aware of the important role of merging higher education with business life, Bahçeşehir University has initiated “CO-OP Education Model”, which is a modern and innovative project giving opportunity to university students to get work experience by participating in the business life as actively while they continue their university education, and this model has been applied by Bahçeşehir University for 10 years.

“CO-OP Education Model” contains various programs focusing on different subjects to provide the required career guide to the students involved in. One of them is “CO-OP Business Point” which is focusing on bringing the HR Directors/Managers/Specialists and students together on the basis of a professional 20 minutes interview to enable the participants get easier transition to business world.

Within the “CO-OP Business Point” program, Bahçeşehir University hosted Ms.Burcu Küçükcumalı, Partner of Nicholson International Turkey, as a full day guest in 05.04.2019.

Ms. Burcu Küçükcumalı gave a professional career consultancy to the international students and answered their questions about business life, career opportunities and the journey after graduation. This advantageous event was proceeded as one-to-one meetings and interviews that creates the main concept of “CO-OP Business Point” program. After this productive program, participant students had more awareness on the career journey after graduation and learned the various career opportunities by utilizing the business experience and knowledge of Ms. Burcu Küçükcumalı.