• Diversity & Inclusion

As business shifts to a more global mindset, the search for talent becomes increasingly important. We believe that a focus on diversity & inclusion is a unique way to give business a critical competitive advantage.

Our global network of Executive Search Partners involved with the Diversity & Inclusion Practice have extensive experience recruiting in an increasingly complex and diverse business community. We are sensitive when working with clients on matters related to:

  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Nationalisation
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Education
  • Religion

We not only assist clients with diversity & inclusion people strategies but our global InterSearch Partners are also committed to practicing this within our own organizations.

The IWW Board Practice is also focusing on diversity on a board level. There is a great synergy between the two groups, that is why the Head of Board Practice is always involved in the activities of Diversity and Inclusion Practice.

When talking about diversity in a board or executive leadership context, we usually mean “the accessibility to and application of several different knowledge domains – simultaneously”, and hereby we mean the unique combination of experience, knowledge, and perspective that together form the diversity and the difference from all other unique combinations of the same factors. Every unique combination adds up to a specific identity.

In the recent years, institutional investors have been pushing public-listed boards harder and harder on diversity. Why? It is certainly not about political correctness. It is business. Both investors and CEOs alike are now convinced that appropriate diversity on boards will substantially improve group decision-making and improve performance.