• Financial Services & Banking

Financial Services remains a globally diverse talent pool. The recent disruptions in the industry in terms of geopolitical landscape, rapid advancements in technology, consolidation, globalization and increased transparency, corporate governance and compliance have fueled the thirst for talent that can make a difference. Continuous change management and competitive environment suggest our client requirements are becoming more specific and specialized not just from a technical perspective, but diversity and cultural alignment play a much more important factor in the war for talent across the industry.

InterSearch as a global leader in executive search has access to over 50 countries through the extensive network of 90 offices to ensure good global coverage for our clients in both developed and emerging markets.

Our global capabilities and dedicated financial services consulting team ensure we are able to add value across the diversity of the industry. With the unique ability to provide market intelligence, depth of knowledge and track record of placingproviding senior executive to specialized mid-level talent across:

  • Consumer/Retail Banking
  • Corporate/Wholesale/Commercial Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Payment Industry
  • Capital Markets
  • Asset Management
  • Private Banking & Wealth Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Structured Finance
  • SME & Micro Finance
  • Insurance
  • Commodity Trading Companies

InterSearch has placed senior executive talent within CEO, General Manager & SVP roles. As well as specialized talent within such roles as Head of Digital Transformation, International Compliance Officer & Head of Financial Crime. Along with traditional leadership opportunities such as Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Head of Retail & Head of Payments.